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Better than just teaching you Joomla!, Pulsar, a specialist in the open-source CMS and recognized participant in the Joomla France community, can prepare you for the Joomla! certification exams and provide you with guidance on your projects to continue to increase your expertise.

Joomla training class

We are here to share our expertise in the Joomla! content management system’s production chain for websites and intranet sets, particularly using solutions with the SEBLOD CCK. As an official training centre (number 11 95 04407 95) and a firm with Joomla! certified employees, these services can be covered by your training fund collecting agency. Whether you roll out your site from joomla.com or on your own server, you will need to know how to administrate a website. Either to get started with Joomla! or to hone your skills, our training organization has an option to meet your needs.

Our Joomla 3 training is adapted to your specific needs and expectations and can be taken either on-site in Paris or remotely via the Joomla! CMS. Both our remote and Parisian sessions can be held as intra-company or inter-company training. The classes that we offer are the fruit of our know-how which we are happy to pass on to you.

Our Joomla! training catalogue covers every need when it comes to installing and taking charge of a Joomla! website, increasing your expertise in the CMS. It covers everything from introductory classes to website administration, by way of mastery of SEM. 

The advantages of our Joomla! training include the expertise of professionals offering personalized inter-company, intra-company and remote courses for certification. Each Joomla! tutorial is also very hands-on with just 20% theory and concrete applications that you can take away with you. Become an expert in Joomla!

Benefit from the expertise of professionals during your training 

We will teach you more than just knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the Joomla! CMS: you will also learn the best practices and methodology that we have been employing for years. Getting trained on the Joomla! CMS means understanding how to turn specifications into a concrete achievement, as quickly and as effectively as possible.

Joomla! certificate courses!

Pulsar was one of the first JLP (Joomla! Learning Partners) web agencies officially authorized to administer exams and issue Joomla! certifications that are recognized by OSM (Open Source Matters), which manages the Joomla! brand around the world. Those certifications prove that you have acquired a professional level, thus enhancing your career profile.

Training covered by the CPF personal training accounts

The Joomla! classes that we give are high-priority courses at the national level (IT) and lead to qualifications (international Joomla! certification). They are therefore eligible for coverage by your personal training account (CPF, which replaced the old DIF).

Your on-site or remote inter-company or intra-company training

We can come to your premises or receive you in ours, as you prefer. We offer intra-company training but also inter-company courses in our classrooms in Paris. We also offer remote training sessions using technologies like GoToMeeting, Skype, Hangout and so on. 

Personalized training 

Because your needs are necessarily specific, our sessions are personalized accordingly. Even if we are providing training to a group from the same entity, it is always personalized after a discussion with you about your needs. Regardless of your skill level in HTML, CSS, JS, PHP or MySQL, we will carve out a class that is accessible and useful to you.

80% hands-on training!

We will train you with 20% theory but above all 80% hands-on, in the form of concrete exercises supervised and corrected by your trainer during the session. The goal is for you to learn the best practices and to ensure that they have been accurately assimilated.

Coffee breaks and lunch included

The learning process should be both educational and enjoyable. When you opt for training on our premises, snacks, coffee and other beverages are provided, along with a meal at lunchtime.

Leave your training with a website containing turnkey examples

Throughout your training, you will be working on a series of exercises that you build up along the way. At the end of the course, you will leave with that site in addition to your course materials reiterating all the theory and exercises created together.

Extend your training with project support

One of the strengths of our training is that it is given by professionals from a web agency that deals with the same questions as you on an everyday basis. As a result, at the end of your training, our Joomla! agency offers you project support services to help you manage or create your Joomla! website. 

When you take each Joomla! class and tutorial, you can also learn Joomla! CMS tips and tricks on Pulsar’s blog. These Joomla! tutorials, taken directly from our training, are available to you for free! Joomla! Paris training.

Visit our blog to discover and learn tips from our Joomla! trainers!


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