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Our agency will train you and guide you in referencing your website on Google, using methods that have been proven by our clients. These proven, concrete optimization techniques for successfully indexing your website in online search results will help you to gain new prospects and customers!How to index your site

What our clients have to say:

In terms of the website’s position on Google, Pulsar also provided real added value with targets met and so, new business for our firm Excellium RH, thanks to the newly enhanced performance of our website.

The Pulsar agency allowed Aviatec to gain 400 new customers in the space of one year, by means of a new website and highly effective natural optimization (without an AdWords campaign).

I have been lucky enough to work with an agency that has done remarkable work in respect of the ABC Dance site’s ranking. Thanks to that work, our website continues to improve and receive ever more traffic. As a result, sales have gone up by at least 25% and our online positioning still continues to rise. Thank you, Pulsar!


What is web indexing? 

How to optimize your joomla web indexing on Google ?In most cases, the website that your agency delivers to you will aim, at the very least, to make your company known on the web. Users need to be able to find your website and your content without advance knowledge of your online address. How do you achieve this? How can you optimize your site? Users enter expressions, mainly in Google, Bing or Yahoo!, which will then rank you among other websites. Search engine optimization is the ultimate means of making yourself known on the Net (although other alternatives exist, such as online advertising). Successfully indexing your site on Google essentially means making search engines understand your texts. 

It should also be noted that entering your company’s name in a search engine and finding you that way is largely insufficient. Users should see a link to your products or services in their search results without necessarily entering your company’s name. The goal is for them to find you before they know who you are. They need to come across your website when they enter expressions that characterize your portfolio of products and/or services.  As a result, real work on your content is required.

SEO, SEM, SEF and what else?

seo sea smo = SEMThe lingo of search engine marketers includes a whole series of acronyms that refer to the methods that we have defined for you below.

  • SEO (search engine optimization): also known as natural or free referencing. It expresses the site’s position in SERPs (search engine results pages). It is the science of knowing how to obtain a good ranking of your website, primarily on Google.
  • SEA (search engine advertising, PPC or CPC): this refers to sponsored links (purchase of ad space and words, for example from Google AdWords), but also paid campaigns (paid registration with a directory or shopbot). SEA aims to position the website in return for a billed fee. 
  • SMO (social media optimization): concerns the work done on social networks to improve your website’s visibility through the intermediary of sites like LinkedIn, Viadeo, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so on. The term SMM is also used to refer to joint actions conducted by the company and its community on social networks.
  • SEM (search engine marketing): refers to all of the above activities in relation to the optimization of your website in SERPs.

Referencing your website: an agency’s tools and best practices

Internet content optimizationIt is often said that optimizing a website on Google is done via links in search engines. Like any web tool, we use CMSs with the best practices on Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Our web agency recommends minimalist architectures that are easy to maintain and faster to execute.

Our agency employs the CCK approach to avoid the need for a pile of third-party extensions and to optimize each link between each page. Once again, the choice of architecture will determine the performance and stability of the whole. In this way, we are able to guarantee a simple system that bypasses any third-party extension routing problems. 

Additionally, a best practice guide on choosing the right tags, internal relationships and website navigation via coherent menu links to all of the site’s content is available, to ensure easy navigation for humans and bots alike.

We prepare the on-page structure with special care taken in the choice and distribution of the primary, secondary and lexical keywords in HTML tags, but also with semantic techniques for metawords. We also optimize internal linking (in-site actions) using semantic cocoon techniques. Lastly, we create backlinks (off-site tasks) to spice up your landing pages from recognized external sources. 

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